While writing my review for lovehoney i came across something that even me finds weird and a bit freaky! 'Teddy babe plush sex dolls' or in other words a giant fucking women teddy bear with a hole in it! Now i'm all for flying solo, i do it often and i do it well. I even completely understand buying a fake pussy to aid in the hand job situation, although i've never met a man with one, but i could see the benefits, but WTF! Who buys these things? It looks like a giant women shaped bean bag and maybe if they where dirt cheap and bought as a joke you could understand it but these things are over 400.00!! I can't help but judge on these because quite frankly i don't get it and i don't know what man would have 400.00 quid spare to buy a fucking teddy bear with tits! Surely if you already have a fake pussy, which you have to get yourself by the sounds of things, why would you need the rest? Sticking it in a pillow case woul be a better idea. It doesn't even look real!

Reading the reviews, yes some 5 men have brought and loved these creepy things, the only image i have in my head is not a good one for a few reasons..
- They call it a 'she'
- They say things like ' she's great to cuddle up to at night'
- and 'I wouldn't be without her'
- They are commenting on the positions shes good at!
- It cost on par with a pair of Manolo Blahniks
- It's fucking creepy!
I see a star trek fan still living with his parents and fucking the night away to his plush 'girlfriend'. I mean does anyone really know anyone who has one? I'm curious.. Can you imagine seeing a guy going back to his place and there's already another 'women' in the bedroom, i don't know about you but imagining him fucking away at a freaky looking giant teddy bear is enough for me to run to the hills!

I mean just look at it. No self respecting women would have a 4ft stuffed bloke in her room to shag away to, if we are that lonely we go out and fuck some bloke from the club who we will never see again and regret ever meeting, that's what normal people do. So my question is..
Are these men freaks?